I am a servant leader. I have built high-performing teams across a wide variety of industries and environments. I do this by building trusting relationships and creating a culture of mutual respect.

My teams have included diverse groups–students, artists, technicians and professionals. I have led groups in a variety of settings from the casual atmosphere of the Renaissance Festival to a tightly controlled assembly line and in industries from the military to airlines to hospitality.

In the Information Technology world, I have lead teams focused on software development, quality assurance and testing, operations and customer support. Change is the only thing constant in IT and I excel at helping people through change. I have led teams as they implemented agile methodologies, changed domains and through their DevOps journey. Change can be scary, but my goal is to make it an adventure and to help each individual explore new opportunities and find where they belong.

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and experiences and helping others become their best selves. One measure of a great team is the leaders it produces and I have consistently coached and mentored people who have left my team to be truly great leaders in their own right. Read my articles about leadership and team building on

When not at work, I like to travel in search of wow moments. While pre-packaged experiences like tours, parks, and museums with well-marked sights and interpretive signs are great, the experiences I crave are those where I can escape the crowds and be with nature and history untouched. Whether it is an adrenaline rush like driving a dune buggy across the wilds of Baja or the humble experience of discovering the variety of mushrooms in the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I seek opportunities to be as close to the experience as possible.

I was inspired by my father who was an avid outdoorsman and spent time as a ranger for the National Forest Service. I have hiked and backpacked in dry deserts below sea level and in mountains above 12,000 feet. I have explored deep into caves where I saw fish with no eyes and spent long nights studying the night sky to see the rings of Saturn and the spiral of distant galaxies. I went diving to explore tropical reefs and hiked mountains to cross glaciers.

In addition to the natural world, I am a student of history and seek out experiences that connect us with the past. I have walked among the ruins of a Bronze Age village in France, stood before petroglyphs carved by ancient Americans, and read graffiti left by citizens of the Roman Empire. I have trod in the footsteps of crusaders, outlaws, and explorers. In the technological world, I have traveled onboard vintage railroads, driven race cars and 18 wheelers, gazed at the antennas of the Very Large Array, and even flown an F-15 fighter. Read my adventures on